Richborough Mast

Response to the Decision on the Richborough Mast Planning Application

VG Pearson

In response to the 26 January 2017 decision on the Richborough Mast planning application, Vigilant issued the following statement from Director of Global Network Architecture Eric Bellerive:

"We are disappointed by the Committee's decision but acknowledge the feedback provided by the members of the Committee.

"It is our firm belief that this proposal would have solved a real problem for the financial industry whilst providing significant value to national and local economies. It is important that we now take time to reflect on the feedback provided by the Councillors and evaluate if there is a manner in which a future scheme could progress in a mutually beneficial fashion.

"I have been overwhelmed by the number of highly dedicated people we have met over the last 18 months and am proud that, regardless of the planning decision, Vigilant has succeeded in providing a legacy of tangible benefits to parts of the local community - in particular contributions to several local schools.

"I can confirm that Vigilant remains committed to the local community and is dedicated to honouring many of the commitments we proposed to the local partners with whom we have forged strong relationships.

"I would like to thank my team, partners and members of the local community for all the time and effort dedicated to this project over the last two years."

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