Richborough Mast



We have consulted closely with the relevant bodies on ways in which we can enhance the visitor experiences at several tourist and heritage sites including The Saxon Way, The Roman Fort and The Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial Museum.

English Heritage – Richborough Roman Fort and Amphitheatre

We have committed to making a £100,000 contribution to English Heritage to be used to enhance the visitor experience at the Fort.

Explore Kent – The Saxon Shore Way

We have made the following commitments:

  • Funding the rewrite, design and printing of a new guide book through a contribution of £20,000 – Explore Kent will use the profits from guidebook sales to reinvest in the website and Saxon Shore Way route maintenance
  • Contribution of £5,000 for additional signage along approximately one third of the entire Saxon Shore Way
  • Contribution of £5,000 for three new information boards along the route

Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial Museum

We would fund free broadband, supplied via Vfast Internet, enabling Wi-Fi to be provided throughout the museum to enhance the visitor experience.