Richborough Mast

Mast Sharing

The Richborough Mast would provide a single mast solution for the communications needs of the financial companies interested in establishing a network in this area.

The mast has been designed from the outset to support multiple users and its location and height mean it is the only proposed option that can provide reliable Channel crossing communications, delivering the single mast solution many in the local area have called for.

We have been in discussions with other companies about sharing the mast since the start of the project, and now have agreements in place with other firms, which eliminates the need for them to build masts of their own.

“As a financial communications service provider we are looking to enhance our network, particularly the link between the South Eastern UK and Europe. The proposed Richborough Mast provides a suitable location and platform, with the necessary height and capacity flexibility, on which we can base our services. We look forward to working in partnership with Vigilant Global, and hope to utilise the proposed Richborough Mast to avoid needing to develop our own mast infrastructure in the area.” McKay Brothers